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...and meet the contacts that make all the difference

...even if you have no industry presence, are shy, and fear rejection


Using a simple strategy, I collect more business cards, leads, and contact information than anyone in the room. Everytime.

While others are stressed about what to say, approaching strangers or powerful people, and wondering if they're wasting their time...

I have a queue of people qualifying themselves, waiting to meet me, and I don't have to say a word!

Learn my system today.

Leverage it for a Lifetime. For Only £297.

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There are 3 Steps:


There are just a few strategic items to prepare before leaving for the event


At the event, you'll know exactly where to where to be, what to do, and the set up for the closing step...


People will be assuming you're giving something away for free (you're not), as you to generate lead after lead...

You don't need to say a word, or even speak the language to be the most popular person in the room! With no memorizing or 30-second "elevator pitch"

Most believe networking events only work for extroverts, industry insiders, or people "in-the-know"  

That’s what I thought, usually leaving with 1 business card from the most boring person in the room...

Fed up and frustrated, I developed a fool-proof system that works for people like me...a shy, introvert...that's been working without fail for 10+ years.

What People are saying....

“When I first met Laurence and he told me what he does, I have to ad- mit I didn't believe it was possible but after getting to know him I have seen for myself first hand that his clever marketing techniques work as I can tell you that he does 'Network With Out Talking To People' and he has a 'Million Dollar Business Card' so all the principles he talks about in this book he has done and continues to do them. This book is a go to bible, read it because it could change your life.”

Sandra Apan

“I met someone who really stands out at an event with 7000 people, I saw Laurence with his Million Dollar Idea, that’s Genius. I think it is one of the most brilliant ways to Network I have ever seen. I thought what a great strategy, making a difference with intelligent marketing.”

Paul Preston 

Let’s break it all down.


16 Video Training Modules

  •  Make a sign & take your business card

  • Take a clipboard, pen, and sheets of paper

  •  Think about the venue you are going to

  • What to wear.

  • Leave with a positive mindset

  •  What time to get to the venue

  • How do people enter and leave the  event

  •  Decide where to stand

  •  Hold a sign

  •  Look at people

  • Learn how to communicate your  message within seconds

  •  How to quickly get rid of boring people

  • Use the 30-second rule to build a crowd of people

  • Overcoming event organizers and security at the venue

  • The secret way to collect a lot of business cards

  • That's just the beginning.

    You'll also receive hours of training at live events.

    I'll show you how the system works time and time again...

    In real-time with real people.

    Connecting with and collecting hundreds of leads!

  • And these bonuses!

  • The eBook version of Networking Secrets to compliment the training 

  • Tips and action items to use before and after the event to secure new connections

  • The Bait! My secret templates to attract new potential clients all day long. 

  • Even more bonus videos to teach you how I got into museums and events that were supposedly sold out!

  • The Final Bonus...

    Would you like to have the most unique & memorable business card ever created?

    Join today and get access to my million dollar business card template!

    Total Value is $997

    Now Only $297

    YES! I Want This System Now!
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