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of being a homeowner, property investor, or wanted to add the stability of recurring income to your portfolio, then this is for you.

My name is Laurence Lameche, and I'm here to make this a reality, and set you on a course of total financial freedom by guiding you every step of the way with all the tools necessary to make property investing a profitable, new adventure!

When you invest in Zero To Property Hero, you'll be provided immediate access to the membership site and Week 1 of the training. For a limited time, experience the first full week of training and pay only £1.00 for the first 7 days!

    When you purchase Zero To Property Hero you are getting:

  • A 12-week intensive training program that takes you from ZERO knowledge about property investing, and by the conclusion, to a seasoned professional.

  • Each weekly module is released week-by-week to keep you on track, with specific actions to be made within each lesson.

  • A back-stage pass to see how I take 6 complete beginners and train them every step of the way and prove anyone can do this!

  • My key secrets revealed and lessons learned from 10+ years of property investing handed to you on a silver platter. I hold nothing back.

  • See myself and my students's on live phone calls and at actual properties. All my training is real-world, and in real-time. No theory or "role-play" here.

  • No money? No job? No or bad credit? Never had a mortgage? It still works! I started from nothing, and gained everything using my unconventional, yet completely legal proprietary methods to secure property with nothing down.

  • Do you have a specific goal? Lease options, rent to rent, serviced accommodation, long term, short term, multiple properties? The solution for your goal is here. 

  • All of my scripts, templates, iron-clad legal documents, negotiating tactics, and methods to win over property owners and do as many deals as you want.

  • You'll have access to the private Facebook group community, and we'll find you an accountability partner to supercharge your success.

  • Two of my electronic & audio books for free. How I Bought Three London Properties For A Football Ticket and Awaken Your Inner Hero Within 24 Hours

  • 12 months of Live Q&A calls! And so much more...

Total Value: £9499

Plus my entire suite of success programs as special bonus gifts to you:

  • Networking Secrets: My secret method to connect with more clients and collect more leads at networking events than you ever imagined possible, and even if you're an introvert like me. (Retail Price: £297)

  • Property Rental Secrets: Become your own letting agent and save thousands on fees! The secrets to successfully rent out any property even when you can't show it in person. 

    (Retail Price: £197)

  • Inner Hero Secrets: You'll be a master of mindset to skyrocket your results by developing an unstoppable inner force. All of my personal development tips & techniques I've gained over 20+ years. 

    (Retail Price: £84/YR)

  • UPGRADE Bonus: LIVE Weekly Zero To Property Hero Training...Directly with Laurence! He'll walk you through the entire process, coach you on calls, answer any questions, and give you priceless tips to guarantee success!

    (Retail Price: $16,000/12 Weeks)

  • Total Value + Bonuses: £26,077

    It's yours today for a limited-time introductory price: £997

    This is how confident I am in your success:

    Even though you'll master the process in 12-weeks, I'll give you a full 1-year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    Plus my £1000 "Guaranteed Winner" promise to you... 

    If you implement all the steps, and haven't made back 3X your investment within one year... 

    I'll give ALL of your money back AND pay you £1000.

    It's yours today for a limited-time introductory price: £997

    Just execute and sign the "Proof of Action Form" after signing up, and you'll lock in this guarantee.
    Unlock Your Legacy Now

    And become another success story:

    Laurence Lameche is the go-to person for buying property for one pound without the need for a Mortgage or Deposit. He is an eternal ideas person and has unique skills and abilities to transform your life. If you need help with getting on the property ladder, I would highly recommend contacting Laurence.

    Cindy Harvey - TV Presenter | CEO & Founder of Famous Branding®

    Laurence Lameche persuades the reader in a simple way to buy property with little money. He gives you all the pieces of the puzzle that many people want to know how to buy property with no money and no mortgage. Be prepared to be inspired by this book.

    Joel Bauer - Author of “How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Be Persuaded”

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