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Secure property with No Mortgage, No Deposit, No Job and Bad Credit (just pay lawyer fees). No catch!

Laurence teaches you step-by-step by showing you students succeeding in real time following his simple, proven system that works for everyone.

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What current students have to say about Laurence:

About Your Mentor

From humble beginnings, the dream to become a successful property investor drove Laurence to find unique ways to own and control property, which eventually resulted in the accumulation of a multi-million pound property portfolio.

 His proprietary formula generates passive revenue while he sleeps, in many cases instant equity, and is a win-win for everyone involved.

His formula isn't about "get rich quick," or getting the best of anyone. It's about solving problems, creating innovative solutions, and leaving a legacy.

After 10+ years perfecting the art and science of winning at property deals with no money down, and with his dream realized, his new dream and goal is to guide and mentor students around the world to do the same. 

No matter your starting point, whether your an introvert or extrovert, have a job, money, or credit, Laurence guarantees he'll take you from Zero To Property Hero!

Laurence has been featured in:

"Property Tycoon"
"Owner of a successful property business"
"Rags to riches story began"
"Property magnet and expert"
"Winning ticket to success"
"Property mogul"
"Laurence Lameche is an entrepreneur"
"Landlord offered his London flat for free to homeless family for Christmas"
"His example will inspire other people"

With 8 awards, the Amazon no.1 best-selling book "How I bought 3 London Properties For a Football Ticket" details Laurence's rise to an expert investor

Inside the book the reader discovers:

  • How Laurence went from a tour guide to successful property investor in less than 5 years...all on his own

  • Financial breakdowns of actual prchases made and how profitable they were!

  • How to find and structure a deal from A to Z

  • How his unique customer-centered focus makes him standout in a crowded marketplace

  • A walk-through, move by move, how to make every property deal a guaranteed winner!

  • And for those that want to take the next step towards financial freedom, Introducing...ZERO TO PROPERTY HERO!


    12-weeks of an intensive, hands-on, training program where Laurence takes five students through his process and gifts them the "Holy Grail" of property investing knowledge. 


    No "role play" here. Laurence and his students are making live calls, working through every question and concern, and are securing real property deals.


    There are many facets to becoming successful with property, and every situation is unique. You are guided from start to finish, and rest-assured, Laurence has seen it all!


    Mindset is the difference between the average and the elite. The training goes beyond nuts and bolts, giving you the tools to become a success internally, making the process even more effective.


    There is no box to the program. Want to lease option, rent-to-own, rent-to-rent, serviced accommodation, holiday let? No idea? No Problem! You'll learn how what method is best for any given situation.


    If you believed the only way to become a property owner/investor was to have great credit, big down payments, multiple mortgages, and JV partners, think again! You'll learn to leverage the best asset money could never buy!

    Never before has a property training of this caliber been released to the public...

    Add for Only £1,997

    Imagine being personally mentored by a property mogul, who guarantees success. 

    If you truly want to master the art and science of property investment the banks and society has kept from you, and you're committed to taking tactical, yet simple action steps each week, then this is for you.

    You could go it alone, and go through the 10 year learning curve it takes the average investor, or get lucky on a deal or two, but that doesn't equal lasting, sustaining success. Or join some other "set it and forget it" program from a guru that's not invested in you.

    Laurence has this desire: Your success and your mastery.

    Become the only logical choice in property!

    You'll have a backstage pass to private mastermind level training for a fraction of the cost. Laurence has made this accessible to everyone. His mission is to empower as many people to financial freedom as humanly possible, and to create a brighter future for those who desire.

    He's out to prove it with a system that has the guided training, all the assets, techniques, mind-set, research tools, languaging, scripts, contracts, legal docs, power team, Q&A's, case-studies, accountability partners, private online community, with bonuses and awards are borderline crazy!

    To top it off, his guarantee cannot be matched by anyone or any online training anywhere on the planet.

    What property owners have to say about Laurence:

    Who's this training for?

    • Experienced and novice property investors. It doesn't matter you are on the property ladder. There are insights and "golden nugget" techniques found only here!

    • All those with the desire passive income, to increase their property portfolio, or to move from one deal to the other.

    • Those who simply want to let one property for an extended period of time with no mortgage, and gain equity at the end.

    • People who are fed-up and frustrated with property investing programs that haven't delivered on their promises.

    • Anyone that wants to retire early, and live life on their own terms!

    • If you're willing to discover all the possibilities available outside traditional property financing and exchange, then this training is for you!

    • Add for Only £1,997

    What are some of the "golden nuggets"?

    • The counter-intuitive technique to warm-up any owner or landlord to your proposition.

    • How to conduct property searches with lightning speed and find opportunities that mazimize your time and effort.

    • Laurence's personal property checklist that makes sure you have all your bases covered. 

    • How to position yourself as an authority, ensure you're taken seriously, and someone your contacts always remember!

    • Learn to leverage online, social media, and offline resources to ensure no opportunity is missed!

    • Access Laurence's "power team" and how to develop your own support structure to do the dirty work!

    • The simple, fast, and cheap property perk-ups that increase value and give you bang for your buck.  

    • Avoid all the costly contract black-holes that can blow a deal that the other guru's don't bother to tell you!

    • The secret way to vacate a delinquent tenant without needing to resort to any legal measures! 

    • How to increase rents to old tenants and be paid a monthly rate the property is worth.

    • And this is just scratching the surface...

    • Add for Only £1,997

    If you upgrade to Gold, you also get:

    • 1 hour a week shared with 4 students with a leading trainer making calls to Landlords, Property Owners and Agents for each student

    • How to get Rent2Rent deals without paying a guaranteed rent or a deposit

    • Video testimonials of several landlords that you can use as credibility to help you get more property deals

    • Learn How To Do Rent2Rent deals without paying a guaranteed rent or a deposit

    • Learn how to get around the 90-day rule in London for Serviced Accommodation

    • Access to the Private Facebook Group where you can get help from me, my team and other members

    • 83+ Live Recordings of how to do a Rent2Rent deals with landlords & Letting Agents on the first phone call. Also learn how to do many different creative strategies to get no money down property deals. No mortgage, no deposit, no job, bad credit and no experience and you will learn how to do this from start to finish live.

    It's yours today for a limited-time introductory price: £3,997 £1,997

    Total Value + Bonuses: £23,547

    Add for Only £1,997

    This is how confident I am in your success:

    Even though you'll master the process in 12-weeks, I'll give you a full 1-year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    Plus my £1,000 "Guaranteed Winner" promise to you... 

    If you implement all the steps, and haven't made back 3X your investment within one year... 

    I'll give ALL of your money back AND pay you £1,000.

    Just execute and sign the "Proof of Action Form" after signing up, and you'll lock in this guarantee.
    Unlock Your Legacy Now!

    And become another success story:

    Laurence Lameche is the 'Go-To' person for buying property for one pound without the need for a Mortgage or Deposit.

    He is an eternal ideas person and has unique skills and abilities to transform your life. If you need help with getting on the property ladder, I would highly recommend contacting Laurence.

    Cindy Harvey - TV Presenter | CEO & Founder of Famous Branding®

    Laurence Lameche persuades the reader in a simple way to buy property with little money.

    He gives you all the pieces of the puzzle that many people want to know how to buy property with no money and no mortgage. Be prepared to be inspired by this book."

    Joel Bauer - Author of “How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Be Persuaded”

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